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Younger, Stronger, Faster

This week we are going to talk about —

While most of us think of as getting physically stronger like the Wonder Woman character….there are many types of stronger.

1. Mentally — improving my mental skills by learning new things, especially languages: …new technology, etc. Remember years ago there was the phrase “feeble minded” = weak of the mind.

2. Physically — not just muscles which are important for functional independence and bone density, but your cardiac fitness. I would bet that a large percentage of LinkedIn family would have trouble running a simple mile or even 1 km. That is very sad.

3. Emotional — like the second picture above, able to resist “emotional eating” or “comfort foods/drinking”… emotional resilience to stay focused and even-keeled even when life is not going so well. That is real strength.

Want to get stronger? …Call me….your clock is ticking…

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