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Upper Body Mobility

If you want to improve your running speed, you want to work on improving your Torso/Upper Body mobility before going to the track.

I can hear the collective world of Runner’s saying…WTF…..

I know the USA Track & Field coaching program talks about having a ‘quiet’ upper body/torso while running. Just the arms/legs should be moving. And in essence, I agree with the idea. Having a torso that wobbles all over the place is wasting energy and is bad for balance. A good runner should look like as if their torso is moving along on a conveyor belt, not bouncing all over.

BUT, that is what we see on the OUTSIDE. On the INSIDE there is a constant pattern of side bending and rotation going on with the spine and ribcage to counter-balance the movement of the pelvis and legs.

So, if your Torso/Upper Body has mobility limitations, it will hinder the ability of your legs/pelvis to produce power. Sort of like driving your car with the parking brake on, as I tell my students.

So, before you go to the track and do all sorts of speed work, make sure to “remove the parking brake” first and you will be surprised at how much faster and easier you run. Please contact me, if you have questions on how to get started with your Torso mobility.