Schedule a one-on-one session with Coach K. We’ll meet at a place of your choice. 
Price: $125.00/session (click button on the left to order service)

Learn the four major components of the Unbeatable Mind system and weekly one-on-one sessions to help you implement these changes in your life. This is for a minimum of three months (twelve one-hour sessions) as lasting change does not happen overnight. 
Price: $1200/three months (may be paid in three installments of $425 each)

This includes your evaluation (where we develop a plan of attack), your homework program, and weekly one-on-one sessions to check your progress and make any changes necessary as we continue to move forward. This is a six-week minimum commitment and depending on your event can be adjusted to fit a longer schedule.
Price: $650/six weeks

This is highly encouraged! We like to believe that the integration of training—Mental, Physical and Emotional—go hand in hand. Here we mix physical training sessions with Mindset training sessions, so that as you become a better athlete, you also become a better person, which is the most important thing. 
Price: $650/six weeks

This is our latest biomechanics-based improvement to make you a more efficient runner. Whether you train for a simple 5K, an OCR event, or your Military PFTs, this is made for you. We were all trained to get better at running by following a run-some-more mantra or a program that builds distance and speed. While I do believe that those concepts hold much truth, I firmly believe that the first step is to become more efficient with your basic biomechanics, and then add in the speed and distance training. Some people may need more biomechanic follow-up to be able to complete the package (see our Sports Performance service offering). 
Price: $650/six weeks