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Stop Running With Your Feet

I know that sounds a bit odd, but good runners (like the Cheetah above) have learned how to run using integrated body mechanics.
Yes, your feet are important, but their job is to connect your Posterior Kinetic Chain muscle group to the ground and allow your body to be pulled forward.
AND then what about the top half? It seems that every running book and program is so obsessed with cadence and where your foot touches the ground or what type of shoe you wear, they forgot about the Top Half of your body….. HELLOOOO!
That Top Half should have the mobility to counterbalance the movement of the pelvis/bottom half, have the rib cage mobility to take in enough air with each breath, and have the strength to maintain good posture while you are running.
Without the Top Half doing all these things, you are just wasting all that effort you are putting into what your FEET are doing.
So do you want to run with your feet like those road runner birds or do you want to run fast and efficiently like the CHEETAH?
DM me if you want to learn about Whole Body Running, so you can run fast, efficiently and injury free…… The choice is yours.