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What You Look Like at Your Desk (Left) versus Balanced Upright Position (Right)

Sitting and Your Back

I recently completed another educational course on Low Back Pain and Muscle Activation.
One of the key points was the amount of passive stress/load that happens to your low back when sitting… quite AMAZING..

  • In Good Posture sitting (which rarely happens) the stress is 40% greater than in neutral standing…
  • in BAD Posture sitting ( look around your office ) the stress goes up to an amazing 85% greater

This is one of the areas that I would work on with my clients as desk work plays a huge role in modern day life. Simplistic thinking of using willpower or telling someone to “SIT UP STRAIGHT” is not going to work.
So, in order to keep this short, I will list a few suggestions. If you would like more detailed information, please DM me.

1. set a timer to get up and move/walk every 20 min,
2. get a standing desk or treadmill desk-lots of great options
3. Improve your spinal mobility to have the ability to sit correctly.
4. Improve your spinal musculature so when your brain says: “Sit Up Straight!” you actually have the strength to do it and keep it.