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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

I thought of this post while listening to a podcast this weekend about how food effects our gut microbiome and overall health via insulin resistance and our immune system.
I know that I used to be guilty of “grab a burger” while running errands and would rationalize it as getting a protein meal for building muscle.
Sounded great and it was quick and cheap!!!
Sadly, the research shows that the cheap burger meat is higher in saturated fat and antibiotics, the ketchup is actually high in sugar (I never knew that) and the bun is mostly white flour and high fructose corn syrup (I looked it up)…
Whereas, the apples are high in pectin — great for hunger control — and fiber which your gut microbiome LOVES….more fiber converts to SCFAs which convert to Butyrate which is important for your immune system.
So, if i want to live longer and healthier to see my son graduate and get married someday, I better make smart choice today…