Coach K

Coach K Sports Perfornance: Making Your Life Better! Contact Coach Herb Kieklak so that you can reach your optimal fitness and health potential.

- U.M.C.C. – Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
- F.A.F.S. – Fellow of Applied Functional Science
- N.S.C.A. – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- N.C.S.F. – Certified Personal Trainer
- U.S.A.W. – Certified Sports Performance Coach
- U.S.A.T.F. – Certified Track and Field Coach
- A.A.S.D.N. – Certified Nutritionist
Certified – Strain/Counter Strain muscle release technique
- Certified – P.N.F. level 1 Core and Extremities
- C.G.F.I. – Golf Fitness Instructor

Real Life Credentials
- Successful Twin UltraMarathons (Sat/Sun)
- Successful High Altitude UltraMarathon
- Successful Desert UltraMarathon
- Multiple Triathlons and Century Rides
- Successful return to UltraMarathons after knee surgery
- Pass Navy SEAL PRT test
- Experience with both Hypothermia and Heat Exhaustion
- Train Military personnel for PRTs
- Corrective Exercise Specialist

Cell: 352-246-5514

Scott Francis

Everyone can change a piece of the world into something greater. We owe a responsibility to ourselves and each other to become better and make that change. Change yourself, help those around you, and make the improvements that only you can make.

I am especially passionate about helping public servants like fire-fighters, healthcare workers, and law enforcement officers serve more deeply, and live robust, fulfilling lives. I was a first-responder for 14 years; I understand the stresses of repeatedly entering life-threatening situations to help others. The fallout from that stress can damage the most valuable parts of our lives.

Learn to make better decisions under stress - in your work, at home, and especially in times of transition. The work to change is difficult, but rewarding. Let’s work together to find your optimal path.

- Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
- 14-years Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Firearms Instructor, and Field Training Officer
- Cross-trained as an Emergency Medical Technician, and Wildland Firefighter
- Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer


Marco Rosa

Marco is a former Italian Navy helicopter pilot, now software and web developer, athletic trainer, and UM mental toughness mentor. After leaving active duty, he moved to the USA and got involved with Strength and Conditioning training, SEALFIT WODs, and mental toughness training culminating in the successful completion of SEALFIT Kokoro Camp in July 2019.
While training extensively for Kokoro Camp, he found End of Three Fitness (EO3) and discovered how aligned it was with his training style and needs. EO3 was such a great tool, that he decided he wanted to spread the word and signed up to become a certified coach. Upon completion of the crucible event he also realized how powerful the UM tools are and that they need to be shared as much as possible. He is now “in the wild” ready to lead, ready to follow, and never quit, looking for any possibility to help others reach their fitness, health, and mental toughness goals, pass them, and set new ones to keep growing and keep getting better every day."

- End of Three Fitness certified level 2 coach and master coach in charge of the EO3 & GGA Endure track
- Unbeatable Mind certified coach
- NSCA student working on the TSAC-F (tactical facilitator) certification
- Kokoro graduate
- Former Italian Navy helicopter pilot

- EO3 coach
- UM coach page
- Email: or