Coach K

Coach K Sports Perfornance: Making Your Life Better! Contact Coach Herb Kieklak so that you can reach your optimal fitness and health potential.

- U.M.C.C. – Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
- F.A.F.S. – Fellow of Applied Functional Science
- N.S.C.A. – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- N.C.S.F. – Certified Personal Trainer
- U.S.A.W. – Certified Sports Performance Coach
- U.S.A.T.F. – Certified Track and Field Coach
- A.A.S.D.N. – Certified Nutritionist
Certified – Strain/Counter Strain muscle release technique
- Certified – P.N.F. level 1 Core and Extremities
- C.G.F.I. – Golf Fitness Instructor

Real Life Credentials
- Successful Twin UltraMarathons (Sat/Sun)
- Successful High Altitude UltraMarathon
- Successful Desert UltraMarathon
- Multiple Triathlons and Century Rides
- Successful return to UltraMarathons after knee surgery
- Pass Navy SEAL PRT test
- Experience with both Hypothermia and Heat Exhaustion
- Train Military personnel for PRTs
- Corrective Exercise Specialist

Cell: 352-246-5514

Scott Francis

Everyone can change a piece of the world into something greater. We owe a responsibility to ourselves and each other to become better and make that change. Change yourself, help those around you, and make the improvements that only you can make.

I am especially passionate about helping public servants like fire-fighters, healthcare workers, and law enforcement officers serve more deeply, and live robust, fulfilling lives. I was a first-responder for 14 years; I understand the stresses of repeatedly entering life-threatening situations to help others. The fallout from that stress can damage the most valuable parts of our lives.

Learn to make better decisions under stress - in your work, at home, and especially in times of transition. The work to change is difficult, but rewarding. Let’s work together to find your optimal path.

- Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
- 14-years Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Firearms Instructor, and Field Training Officer
- Cross-trained as an Emergency Medical Technician, and Wildland Firefighter
- Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer