Mindset: What is it and why do I need it?

Great Questions. Wish I had an answer! (Just kidding)

a. Think of this example — you have two men at work (A & B). They both get yelled at by their boss at work and are told that the company is going to be cutting expenses in the near future, so they better shape up (hint). Then on the way home, they get a flat tire and it’s rainy out, just to boot. Person A finally gets home, walks into the house and slams the door; when the kids come running up, he barks “not now, daddy had a bad day,” goes to the kitchen to grab a beer and goes to sit in front of the TV without even speaking to wife who is busy with dinner and has had her own tough day with the kids. Person B finally gets home, walks into the house with no door slamming, picks up the kids when they come running up, and while listening to their stories of the day, walks into the kitchen to ask his wife if he can help with dinner and how was her day. Which person do you want to be?

b. Athletes — we know many stories of athletes that are famous for coming from behind to win games, and also athletes that seem to be great until the big game where things go wrong and they crumble. Which one do you want to be?

In all of these very different examples, the common factor is mindset! Your mindset is a great tool (just like a car or a golf club) but you have to be the driver. So how do you become a better driver is the real question. Just like athletes work on their physical skills (strength, speed, technique), improving your mindset requires that you improve your mental skills, emotional skills, and also your physical skills.

And here at Coach K’s Performance Training we have a system that will help you improve those areas and, even more importantly, how to integrate and use those skills in real life.