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Lessons from a 5K Race

Yesterday, I posted about the recent 5 K but here are the real lessons:

1. I prefer running Ultras… While training for the 5K, I had to change my training to more short-distance sprinting/anaerobic training. For the two weeks before the race, I switched to sprint- and speed-training and gave up my long runs. While it is exciting to blast an all out sprint, I found that I really prefer the long runs. They are my mental floss/meditation. I was actually tempted to just skip the 5K, so I could get back to my long runs.

2. Imposter Syndrome… On race day, I am there early to test run the course and warm up. I see lots of track groups—all much younger, 10% body fat or less, all in race gear. hmmmm. And then I watch the “speedy-looking guys” go through all the standard Track & Field drills that I used to teach years ago: A skips, power skips, leg swings, Alactic sprints. more, HMMM. I haven’t done those things in years. I actually had moments of doubt and imposter syndrome: “What am I doing here with all these young track guys?” BUT, once the race started, I just ran and slowly passed people on the hills (thanks to those hill repeats) and was able to finish in the front half of the pack. VALIDATED.

So all in all, it was a good learning lesson, and NOW I can focus on my Ultra running…

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