Conquer Your Challenge…

Welcome, to the new Coach K program: Conquer Your Challenge.

One day while out on a run, I came up with an idea to do something different. Instead of having you sign up for one of my programs, why don’t we make a program that is completely designed for YOU?

Most traditional coaching programs are fairly cookie-cutter in nature: you sign up for X number of weeks, do a certain routine of exercises/diet/whatever on a pre-determined schedule and hopefully get the results that you want.

So, I thought: what if we try this other approach?

Step 1: You call me with your Challenge/Bucket-List/Goal idea. Something you want to accomplish but are not quite sure on how you are going to do it.

Step 2: We discuss both WHAT you want to accomplish and WHY you want to accomplish it, and HOW I can help you to Conquer Your Challenge.

Step 3: Once we have decided that I can help you to Conquer Your Challenge, we do some non-conventional thinking about HOW you want to accomplish it. Here are some options:

1. We may do consistent weekly meetings so you can learn new skills/exercises/etc. and have regular check-ins using email or text.

2. We can meet on a semi-consistent basis, with less focus on new skills and homework.

3. We could also meet occasionally, and I work more as an Accountability Partner/Swim Buddy to help keep you on track.

All of this is quite different than traditional coaching programs, and that is OK.

This is all about YOU and helping you to Conquer Your Challenge.

Call or write me to set up a time.


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