Stop Running With Your Feet

I know that sounds a bit odd, but good runners (like the Cheetah above) have learned how to run using integrated body mechanics. Yes, your feet are important, but their job is

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Lessons from a 5K Race

Yesterday, I posted about the recent 5 K but here are the real lessons: 1. I prefer running Ultras… While training for the 5K, I had to change my training to more

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brain and tools


BIO- pertaining to living organisms/creatures MECHANIC- a person who repairs and maintains machinery Bio-Mechanic — that’s what I do, Linkedin family. I Repair and Rebuild the human machine. Instead of using hammers,

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Younger, Stronger, Faster

This week we are going to talk about — While most of us think of as getting physically stronger like the Wonder Woman character….there are many types of stronger. 1. Mentally —

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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

I thought of this post while listening to a podcast this weekend about how food effects our gut microbiome and overall health via insulin resistance and our immune system. I know that

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