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BIO- pertaining to living organisms/creatures

MECHANIC- a person who repairs and maintains machinery

Bio-Mechanic — that’s what I do, Linkedin family. I Repair and Rebuild the human machine. Instead of using hammers, wrenches, WD-40, etc. like a traditional mechanic, I use my BRAIN to problem-solve, as my client’s complaint about Z usually involves pieces X and Y.

Like your car mechanic, I have to know how all the pieces are connected and work together as things rarely work “all by themselves”. Your low back pain is rarely just about your Low Back.

Like your car mechanic, who may have to remove lots of other parts just to fix the water pump, I may have to work on you MINDSET and Nutrition before solving your Physical problem.

So next time your ‘machine’ is needing repairs or not running like it should, give me a shout and we can see how to get a few extra miles out of this model to make it run younger, stronger, and faster.

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