Herb Kieklak, CSCS

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U.M.C.C. – Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach
C.E.S. – Corrective Exercise Specialist
N.S.C.A. – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
N.C.S.F. – Certified Personal Trainer
U.S.A.W. – Certified Sports Performance Coach
U.S.A.T.F. – Certified Track and Field Coach
A.A.S.D.N. – Certified Nutritionist
Certified – Strain/Counter Strain muscle release technique
Certified – P.N.F. level 1 Core and Extremities
C.G.F.I. – Golf Fitness Instructor

Real Life Credentials

Successful Twin UltraMarathons (Sat/Sun)
Successful High Altitude UltraMarathon
Successful Desert UltraMarathon
Multiple Triathlons and Century Rides
Successful return to UltraMarathons after knee surgery
Pass Navy SEAL PRT test
Experience with both Hypothermia and Heat Exhaustion
Train Military personnel for PRTs
Corrective Exercise Specialist


Emal: herb@coachksp.com
Cell: 352-246-5514