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We strongly believe that the best athlete has developed a strong integration of both their Mechanical skills (how we move) and their Mindset skills (how we manage our emotions and respond to events). While both these skills are integrated in daily life, we like to train them separately in the early stages. We believe that as you learn and become proficient with these skills, not only will your athletic performance improve, but you will also become a better parent, a better spouse, and a better co-worker; and that, we believe, is the most important performance of all: to live a better life.

  • Ok, so let’s explain our logo for y’all. The letters PME stand for Physical, Mental, and Emotional, which are three areas that we will focus our training on, for those of you in the Mindset training programs (which should be everyone). For more details, watch the video on the Mindset Training page. Thanks.
  • The famous Da Vinci picture: we like the idea of a multi-faceted person. We are more than the physical shell and there is more to training than six-pack abs or bulging biceps. The Samurai warriors of Japan, while famous for their swordsmanship skills, were also trained in flower arrangement and poetry. This loops back to the PME concept.
  • The Diamond picture: we like to think that our clients are really diamonds in the rough. With some polishing and training we can bring out the best in you. Remember the lump of coal, with the right amount of time and pressure, can become a diamond. Just like the analogy of putting a lump of metal into the forge and, with a ‘little pounding’ by the blacksmith, comes out an unbreakable sword.

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Sitting and Your Back

I recently completed another educational course on Low Back Pain and Muscle Activation. One of the key points was the amount of passive stress/load that

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