Welcome to Coach K’s Performance Training

If you’re looking for an Individualized, personalized, non-cookie-cutter approach, you have come to the right place. We DO NOT have the 10-week marathon program, the 6-week weight loss program, or the 8-weeks-to-6-pack abs program. Hell NO.
Every one of our clients comes to us with unique goals, biomechanics, mindset, and lifestyle. That is why we stopped teaching group classes back in 2018. We could no longer — in good faith — teach a group of diverse clients an exercise routine and ‘hope’ that everyone would get ‘something’ out of it. Wouldn’t that be like giving everyone who walked into a restaurant the same exact meal and ‘hoping’ that it would work out?
We have worked successfully with a wide range of individuals, from a 20-year-old beast-mode client applying to make it into the U.S. Navy SEAL program to a post-brain-tumor-surgery 76-year-old senior who just wanted to be able to walk safely in their home. We take a lot of pride in adapting every session to fit the needs of each client.
So, if you want to be treated as YOU, not client #487 with the 5K program, then you have come to the right place, and you can look forward to us helping you reach your goals.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

When we originally put this phrase on the website a few years ago, our thinking was that you did certain activities to optimize your body, and you did certain activities to optimize your mind, which is a bit like putting gasoline in your car and connecting the wires and electrical systems to the battery, resulting in two independent systems that sort of work together. In my old school days, if a client came to me to run a faster Marathon, we would put together a program of strength training, speed drills, and the usual mileage program.

However, now that I have learned so many new things in the world of biohacking and functional medicine, I no longer see the body/person as two separate entities but a single amazing system. Now I understand the level of interaction between the brain, heart, and gut microbiome systems.

And now I realize that, to train the physical body with its bones and muscles — what I call the outside system — to get stronger and faster, I need to also train the inside system of gut microbiome/nutrition to make you healthier and younger; and to train the heart/mind with breathing and meditation that help control your emotional states. Train the inside and the outside results in Younger, Stronger, Faster.

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